And now I'll spoil a bunch of movies because I love you so much (LOOK AWAY if you don't want to know):

The Titanic sinks at the end!

Anakin Becomes Darth Vader!

Bruce Willis is actually dead the whole time!

Verbal was Kaiser Soze and made everything up!

The guy on the floor wasn't dead at all, he was Jigsaw!

E.T. goes home!

All the Spartans die!

She Kills Bill!

They dress as a SWAT team and THEN they rob the casino!

Leonard doesn't really have short term memory loss!

The minors return to their parents!

Grandpa dies and she doesn't win the pageant!

Pearl Harbor gets bombed!

Billy gets killed while arresting Colin by the other guy in the dept who was friends with Colin. Colin kills him. Dignam comes back at the end and kills Colin!

Leigh Teabing was The Teacher!

They destroy the ring!

Kong falls off of the Empire State building and dies!

Lancelot gets arrested, Sir Robin and Sir Galahad fall into the bottomless pit and King Arthur and Sir Bedevere also get arrested!

Jack gets swallowed by the cracken and Captain Barbossa comes back!


I'm sorry : (