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Name: Kimberly Creel

Age: 18

Year: Freshman

School: Villanova University

: Old Bridge, NJ

: Biochemistry

Favorite Drink: Whiskey and Ginger Ale or Vodka and Cranberry Juice

If I’m trying to get with you, what should I do?
You should probably just be attractive, well dressed, and be able to have a semi-decent conversation without being awkward. I hate when guys are trying to get with you and they’re awkward about it… Oh. Also, just be straight forward. You know what you want, and I know that you know what you want… so don’t be lame and act like you want something else.

What should I avoid doing?
“I like every bone in your body, especially mine” won’t work.

What’s your favorite kind of BLT sandwich?
I like BLTs with extra bacon, a slice of American, and a slice of romaine on seven grain with a little bit of honey-Dijon mustard… brownie points if I don’t have to make it myself.

What’s your most embarrassing college moment? It was actually at Rutgers. My friend Janine invited me to be this kid’s partner in a case race but it was late (sort of) and I had already started drinking Aftershock & Goldschlager. So about