Last week, in one of the largest drug busts in Boston's history, two people who described themselves as "not drug dealers" were arrested for possesion of an excess of 300 lbs of marijuana. This crimp in the drug economy has incited an enormous downward spiral of the entire stock market, as the NASDANK, the S&P 420, and the New York Skunk Exchange have all been negatively affected.

According to Marijuaneconomics Correspondent Harry Michaels, "The market is totally trippin! This weed bust has totally screwed everything up, man." In the past week, the price of marijuana has skyrocketed beyond belief, reaching an all time high of $120 an eighth.

Not only has this catastrophe caused many government offices to request what a spokesperson for Deval Patrick calls "an increase in budget for…um…candy…," it has also caused the market to undergo other unprecedented shifts. Major corporations such as Phillie Blunt