1. Agree to crawl under the judge's robe and punch his knees.

2. You're so fuckin' prejudice against all forms of life on all planets.

3. Go to the bathroom and there you stay until late.

4. Talk endlessly about how you caught a piss-caused skin rash at one of those family water parks.

5. Liquid odor pours from the pits of a fat man's arms.

6. Teeth-smilingly mention to the chick next to you that it would feel good to get it sucked.

7. If they look guilty, they are. That's how we tell.

8. There's lots of hair growing out of the center of the prosecutor's


9. Mafia guys give me money and Jimmy Smashetti is free to murder again.

10. If you shit your pants there's no way they'll pick you.