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Clark Joseph Kent is a mild-mannered journalist for the Daily Planet. He has written award-winning stories on a variety of topics including earthquakes, bank heists, and robotic gorilla armies. In addition, Kent is well known for his slouch, clumsiness, and all around physical ineptitude. There's absolutely nothing exceptional about him, and further study of him would be a foolish waste of time. He is completely human.

Clark Kent is currently involved in a relationship with fellow reporter Lois Lane.

Journalistic Career

Though Kent's writing is generally considered excellent, his awkwardness has been known to interfere with his job. In one incident, Kent burned his mouth on coffee immediately after being assigned to cover a fire at a nearby orphanage. With Clark in the emergency room, no Daily Planet reporter was there when Superman showed up to save the orphans just moments before the building's collapse. This and many other similar incidents have upset upper management.

Kent-Superman Connection

Going on nothing more than childish gossip, many conspiracy theorists believe that Clark Kent knows Superman personally or is perhaps even related to him. Those who dispel the theory are quick to point out that Clark Kent wears glasses, while Superman does not. In addition, for Superman to portray a bumbling fool such as Clark Kent he would need to not only be a superhero, but also a master thespian. Superman and Clark Kent once appeared together at a banquet thrown by millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.[citation needed]

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