The music is blaring, the bass shakes my feet
The kids all get down to the block-rockin’ beat
A seat at the bar I will take all alone
I act like I’m waiting, keep checking my phone

I sip my Bacardi and check out the scene
Cute girls in small shirts and a bouncer who’s mean
The guys who drink Smirnoffs, the guys who drink Jack
And of course, without fail, the weird guy in the back

Some people did tell me, they tried to relate
They said, “Just hang out, and it’ll be great”
They don’t understand that that’s not how it happens
Instead I sit here and I write on these napkins

It reminds me of dances, like in Middle School
I don’t know the music, I’m just not that cool
I’m out of my element, scared in the bleachers
With dumb kids, the spazzes, the lame, and the teachers

My awkwardness went from a bit to a lot
The special kids still have more style then I’ve got
I’m still all transparent, my mindset's all wrong
The girls are still taller, I still don’t belong

I used to believe that I had some control
“I can clearly fit in, I can totally roll”
But the older I got, the worse off I became
I was destined to suck at and lose this damn game

I fail on the dance floor, I fail when I mingle
I suck at pretending, and own being single
The surroundings may change but I’ll still never get it
It used to destroy me, but now I don’t let it

So fuck being social, I’m not a statistic
I embrace social skills that are almost autistic
I can’t try to fake it and act like a smarty
‘Cause they sniff me out like a joint at a party

But something has changed, in these thoughts that I pondered
They swapped right in front of me as my mind wandered
The scene here is different, the dynamic is new
And just like the old times, there’s zilch I can do

Up front, people dancing is all I can see
But the weird guy in back?
That weird guy is me.

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