One of the best things about working here is watching some ridiculous idea become reality. Well, I can safely say that today is proud day indeed because two of your fellow readers took up the challenge of cooking what might just be the world's most unhealthy sandwich: The Motherclucker. Technically, Jason finished first but I couldn't bear to see Robert go away empty handed so they're both getting the $50 prize.

Did you enjoy the Motherclucker?
What could be modified about the recipe to producer a better finished product?
Use 5 different kinds of shredded cheese.
Where, in your opinion, do you rate this burger compared to burgers from McDonalds, Wednys, Burger King and/or Sonic?
9, 10 being the best. McDonalds double cheeseburger – 0. Burger King all way (except for breakfast)
How long did it take you to prepare the Motherclucker?
Probably 20 minutes.
How much did it cost?
Was it worth it (If you didn't win $50)?
Did you actually use your roommate's T-Shirt to sop up the excess grease, as per the instructions?
Do you think I'm a visionary or just fat?
Positively visionary.
Do you think I could open a restaurant where I only served Mothercluckers and do well?
Your store would be packed.
Will you make the Motherclucker again?
I'm going to make it for my friends and feed it to them with blindfolds.

Pics of Jason's Motherclucker + an essay and pics from Robert's after the jump.

(Robert wrote a short essay about his cooking experience)

Emeril Lagasse…Mario Batalli…The Iron Chef…What do these professional chefs have in common? They haven't cooked the motherclucker burger. But I have. And as I'm writing I am eating the world's second ever
(my room mate ate the first one). This was a culinary adventure I'll never forget, nor will my arteries.

First I went to Wegmans to buy only the finest ingredients: chicken skin (breasts included), 90% lean ground beef, oil, and flour. The total came to $14.02 including oil and flour. I guess 20 grams of saturated trans fatty acids per serving doesn't come cheap. I forgot to buy toothpicks but that didn't seem to make a difference. And I probably would have forgotten to remove them anyway, in which case I wouldn't be writing this. Some tips on preparing the motherclucker:
1) cook on higher heat (~360 F) with the skin on.
2) season beef with salt/pepper/garlic powder before frying.

The response from my friends to the first ever motherclucker burger:

Girl (on AIM): ew you are disgusting
Jon (first bite): Hmm it tastes pretty not-so-bad…in a fat kid sort of way.
Another Girl (on AIM): i cant believe you guys ate that

There you have it. Two proud young men who took up a seemingly impossible challenge and were rewarded with some cash and the honor of being the first people to taste the future!

Quick question for you readers: should we do more food invention contests?

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