It's been a long time since we had ourselves a good old-fashioned Facebook Challenge. In case you don't remember the rules, they go a little something like this….
  1. Create one of the groups listed below.
  2. Get 1,000 people to join your group.
  3. Email me at when you've hit the 1,000 member mark with a link to your group.
  4. Claim a Free BustedTee AND $50.
One last tip: make your group global so anyone can join. And now…

The Groups

  • If it were really raining men, the ground would be very, very bloody
  • Gmail sucks. Hotmail FTW
  • Dude, if you were a girl you'd be so hot
  • I still can't stop talking about how good 'The Family Stone' was!
  • Blog Blog Blog: The blog about blog-based blogs
  • Black Jean Shorts are the HoTtNeSs
  • Ham: The fabric of our lives
  • Wait, when did James Brown die?
  • Your body is my toilet.
  • My Dad's name is Terrence
  • I remember that show 'Bobby's World,' don'cha know
  • My wireless network is still named "linksys"
  • I'm not 100% sure what spelunking is
  • Lucky Charms > Trix
  • I'll push it, but I probably won't push it real good
  • You're so ugly to me right now
  • Skinnydipping is boring
  • I hate you because you are different than I am
  • Man, my cuticles need attention
  • I can do 100 pushups in a row and will show you if you ask me
  • I DO wish my girlfriend was hot like her
  • Anyone wanna order pizza? I'm calling in five minutes so let me know.
  • Luuuuuuuving "According to Jim" this season!
  • Sometimes i don't capitalize The right words
Remember, the first person to email me at with 1,000 people in their group gets a Free BustedTees and a Ulysses Grant to keep all your George Washingtons company. Ready. Set. GO!