****i want a relationship like this!!!****

Ethan: Hello is Ashley there?

Mom: Sure. Hold on.

Ashley: Hello?

Ethan: Hey. it's Ethan. How was your day cunt?

Ashley: What?

Ethan: How was your day?

Ashley: It was fine, how was yours?

Ethan: It was ok, whore.

akward silence

Ethan: Sooooooooooooo………………

Ashley: giggle Sooooooooo………………

Ethan: You doin anything tomorrow?

Ashley: Nope, why?

Ethan: Uhh, umm, maybe, uhh, I don't know, we can hang out or somethin?

Ashley: blushes Okay, what time?

Ethan: big smile Great! uhh, how about around 6:00pm or something? And by eight you'll be sucking my cock, you fucking slut.

Ashley: WHAT?!

Ethan: Park! Pretty! Birds! Happy times!

Ashley: Alright, I'll meet you over at the park, then…

Ethan: Ok then.

Ashley: Well I gotta go, but I'll see you tomorrow?!

Ethan: Ok, see u then…

hangs up

Ethan: What a dumb whore.

————-next day————-

Ashley walks over to the park and see's Ethan sitting on a bench waiting for her

Ashley: Hey, whats up?

Ethan: Uhh nothin, I'm happy to see you. Nine inches.

Ashley: What?

Ethan: I'm happy to see you.

Ashley: smiles Me too.

Ethan: Alright, how about we go take a walk?…

Ashley: Okay.


As they walk she grabs ahold of his hand, Ethan *smiles as they walk through the park.br />
——————-starts getting dark———————

Ashley: Brr, it's getting a little cold out.

Ethan: Wanna go sit on my cock?

Ashley: Umm…..

Ethan: Wanna go sit on the grass under that tree?

Ashley: Sure.

Ethan and Ashley: *takes a seat near a tree while Ethan holds Ashley in his arms keeping her warm *

Ashley : Thank you, I feel much better now.

Ethan: Me too.

Ashley *giggles
Why is that?

Ethan: Cause I'm with you…

Ashley: I'm happy with you too…

Ethan: Uhh, umm, …nevermind…

Ashley: No, what is it, you can tell me…

Ethan: It's just…

Ashley: Yea???

Ethan: I feel different when I'm with you.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Ethan: I mean, you make me wanna be with you for the rest of my life, I've never had anyone feel the way you make me feel…

Ashley: blushes I feel like that too…

Ethan: Really? Good, because I have something to show you.

Pulls a giant knife out of his bag and stabs Ashley in the heart

Ethan: Take that, bitch!

Stabs Ashley repeatedly, then wipes the blood off his face

Ethan: There, that should—

Ashley's eyes pop open, her skin a clammy green, and she attacks Ethan


Ethan: Holy shit! A zombie!


Ashley chomps onto Ethan's neck and tears out a chunk of his flesh

Ethan: AAAAAH, fuck!

Ethan collapses and in a few minutes, turns into a zombie



Ashley and Ethan terrorized the city as bloodthirsty zombies, spreading the deadly virus to everyone they crossed paths with and proceeded to eat.

Within days the virus had spread all across the country, and the few that remained alive were forced into shelters until the zombies inevitably broke in and killed them, too.



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