In the cutthroat world of commenting on pictures of girls making out, a noob's head is undoubtedly brimming with questions. Who should I emulate? Who should I loathe? Is that Pee-wee Herman? Lucky for you, I have answered these questions and more in my Poor Man's Guide to CollegeHumor.

Dan Gurewich
is the poor man's
Paul Reubens

Thomas Murray
is the poor man's
Streeter Seidell

Tommy Wilder
is the poor man's
Tucker Max

Katie Marino
is the poor chalker's
Sarah Schneider

is the poor man's
Cyanide and Happiness

[picture:1737872|size=small|align=center] [picture:123128|size=small|align=center]
Girls Not Quite Making Out
is the poor man's
Girls Making Out

The Bible
is the poor man's
Shameless Plug

is the poor lesbian's
Lilly Walleck

is the poor hater's
Lena Chen

I apologize to anyone I left out. Take solace in the fact that you are one of a kind… and don't look like Amir.