The Drunken Blog

Ever since I left the safety net of school I have come across a problem that I’m sure is not unique to me, and that is that I suck at gauging the age of girls. To be sure, this problem was around in college and before as well, but it’s really only a problem when you go out to the bars. In class you were never far off because you had a point of reference.

Having a point of reference makes a huge difference in terms of being able to guess somebody’s age. In grade school, for example, if you guessed and were off by 6 months, the receiving party would be offended. I mean, if they are in your class, they are most likely in the same grade as you, and if they are in the same grade as you, they were probably born the same year that you were.

In college it’s the same principal, but not as precise. You know that the girl is probably around the same grade level as you, but the difference in age is not as big of a deal as it is in grade school. When you go out to a bar it becomes even more difficult to guess an age. I started going out to bars when I was 19 because I managed to get a great fake ID. It was kind of weird going into a bar and knowing that I was probably the youngest one in there. However, I’m sure there were some girls that also had fake IDs, but you still have to assume that everyone is at least 21.

When I first started going out to the bars I wanted people to know how young I was, it was so cool for me to be in the bar, so I would ask questions that invited them to ask me how old I was, and I would answer honestly. Well, I quickly learned that girls don’t really like guys that are younger than them, in most cases. Nothing really surprising there, but it cemented the idea that had been floating around for a while, even though in high school I dated a girl that was older than me (albeit, she turned out to be a lesbian).

A saving grace to the college bar scene was that it was just that, it was a college bar scene, which means that most of the people there are in college, ergo, they are around your age. This made guessing their age somewhat easier, although I still sucked at it.

Now that I’m out of college I find it increasingly difficult to guess a girls age. I no longer go to college bars, and the crowd that comes out reflects that. Whereas before the oldest person you would normally see is 30, with the bulk between 21 and 24, now the average age is probably around 30. I don’t have classes that I might see people in to help me gauge their age as well as their friends anymore. Now I may see people from work out at a bar, but that is hardly a point of reference. If I see a girl at work and I want to know how old she is, I check her profile on the company intranet to see if she has a r