I don’t know what it is about fractals, but whenever I look at those darn things and smoke PCP, I just get crazy.

You might chalk it up to the radical fragmentation exhibited by those wacky geometric shapes, or the recursive nested images that make you think you’re falling into the eye of the one true god, or the fact that you’ve been playing the same song on loop for days, but something about those screwy fractals really blows some fuses in the old brain-box. Take this one for instance:

Notice how the bluish black centers of the demon flowers arc across the screen like a capital “S.” Now notice how the top demon flower folds in on itself and eats it’s demon brothers while shrieking about Richard Nixon.

How do people make these things?!

Or how ‘bout this one?

Here you see how the flying rainbow comes at you like a speeding bowling ball. Then when it smashes into your mouth and rolls down your gullet, take the time to detect its vivacious flavors. Go ahead and taste. Doesn’t that taste like Skittles? Doesn’t it?

I finally get those commercials now.

This last one is my favorite. I call it, “Sea Creature Tentacle Orgy”:

It really pulls you in doesn’t it? Yeah. Sometimes it won’t let you go. That’s why you gotta carry a knife when you look at these things. Just a (grunts) hack here! And (strains) hack there! And stab into the glowing spot that’s making me taste colors – and eh! Eh! Stab! De- dead!

And we’re free.

Well that was fun, but looking at the clock in my mind I can tell it’s time to get to work.

Oh hell. Forgot to take the dog out….Hey, what’s all this pizza sauce?

Mr. Paws? Hey, get up, time to go out. Mr. Paws! HEY! MR. PAWS?!

Oh, man…not again.