1. Man, I wish I understood Japanese because this sh*t looks hilarious.
  2. This is only one, of many, reasons that I will never ride motorcycles for a living. Another reason is because I don't know how to.
  3. Ari Gold one liners? Don't mind if I do!
  4. A pilot for a television show with Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Owen Wilson. Why wasn't this made? God damn you TV!
  5. And how do you like your pop-culture sir? Answer: Translated.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Ashley I, Megan D, Amber S and Samantha K to the final four! The people have spoken, and these four girls will be going head to head in the most glorious online cat-fight known to man. Check them out here.

Amir, Ethan and Neel, authors of our new book Faking It, have some fun during a Barnes and Noble reading.