Easily one of the most depressing industries you can wind up in is the celebrity look alike business. But what's even worse than being a celebrity look alike is being a B-List celebrity look alike. Nothing screams 'unfulfilled dreams' quite like making a career out of pretending to be the other guitar player from Guns n' Roses.

Your mission is to find the funniest B-List celebrity look alike. I'm talking real B-list: Gloria Estefan, the "Dude, you're getting a Dell" kid, that Miz guy (Mike, maybe?) from Real World "Back to New York", etc…

Leave your results in the comments formatted like this…

(celebrity name):(Link)example…Carrot Top: www.MyLifeIsAWaste.com

Here's a few links to help get you started:

  • CelebrityLookalikes.co.uk
  • Lookalikes-usa.com
  • TopLookAlikes.co.uk
  • PartyPop.com
  • Good Luck