You may have seen ads on the site for a contest we're doing with Old Spice called "Keep It Clean." "I hate advertising!" you scream, "You sold out!"


BUT, we wouldn't leave you out, would we? Old Spice gave us $2,500 to award to the winner of each category. All you need to do is send us a picture of something that looks dirty but isn't.

The Categories

  1. Nature
  2. Architecture
  3. Double Entendre
  4. Potpurri (anything that doesn't fit into the above mentioned)
If you want some of that sweet, sweet cash get your pics in quick – the submission phase ends tomorrow! See the contest page for more info.

"I love advertising!" you shriek, "Thanks for the free money!" Don't thank us, just thank me. It was all my idea. Totally.

A few examples after the jump