You know how when they sell beef and beef cows, they always detail what the cow ate earlier on that day?
Like, "This burger is made from 100% corn-fed Iowa cows and is made of extra tender beef."
I love that, knowing exactly what the cow's been eating. I wish they did that for dogs, when you went in to the pet store to buy one.
"This is Buddy. He's 100% golden retriever with a handsome coat. He eats mostly kibble but today he also had some Snausages, a stick of butter, an entire Easter ham, and some cat poop."

"Can I have a dog that's maybe eaten a little less poop?"

"Certainly sir."

And they could have different grades of quality.

"You don't want that dog sir, he's grade D meat. Just yesterday he ate two mittens and a golf ball."


That would definitely make it easier to pick out pets.