Carrie P., Senior, Ohio State

Hometown: Centerville, OHMajor: Commercial Interior Design

What's your favorite drink? Long Island Ice Tea / Margarita (tie)

What's something I wouldn't know just by looking at you? I really don't like guys that are cocky/rude or overly muscular. I secretly hope to be on Saturday Night Live someday. I may be five foot nothing, but I would never bet against me in a fight.

How would you advise a really nerdy guy to go about striking up a conversation with you?

I LOVE nerdy guys!! Anything said with sincerity is worth saying… just avoid stalker questions like opening with "Where do you live?" Offering to get a girl a drink (or something to make her comfortable and take care of her) is a good opener. You don't need a line.

What's your favorite movie, besides The Notebook?

I hate the Notebook. In fact, I boycotted it. I'm really into movies. I love Anchorman, Super Troopers, Bottlerocket, Amelie, Garden State, Batman Begins, Harry Potter (all), Princess Bride, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Sandlot, Star Wars (all-not just original 3-except I hate Hayden Christiansen), Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma, Old School, Indiana Jones (all)…(that's the short list).

In last week's epic matchup against Texas, on the 17th play of the second quarter you guys had Texas backed up on their own 33 with 7:43 left in the half in a third and short situation. It was still a seven point game at this point and they were finally showing signs of life. The Buckeyes then allowed a 30 yard reception to Selvin Young after Texas lined up in a clear play-action formation. Neutralizing the crowd is so important in college football especially in hostile road environments. Yes, Ohio State still won the game by 17, but when safeties start biting on seemingly obvious run-fakes like this, this doesn't bode well for bowl season, which, may I remind you, is only 6 (short) months away. What do you like on your pizza?

Extra cheese and green or kalamatta olives. Mmmm, that's how I roll.

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