We’ve all read the comics. We all know that Lex Luthor is an evil genius hell bent on the destruction of Earth’s "greatest hero," Superman. But how much of that is just left wing liberal propaganda? Really, is Lex Luthor as evil as we are lead to believe? Or is Lex Luthor is merely a victim of a horrific smear campaign orchestrated by a lie- spewing, anti-American, communist comic book writing coalition?*

Does this sound ridiculous? Well it shouldn’t. Superman is an illegal immigrant who snuck into this country via rocket ship. You think he has a green card? I don't. And to make matters worse, he's under-cutting the jobs from other hard working super heroes.br />

"OMG a giant snowman is attacking Metropolis, what should we do?"

Are you going to call Robin- or do you want to call the guy with the power to melt things just by looking at them? But even this wasn’t enough, Superman also acts as Clark Kent and works as a reporter. Looks like Superman's real power is stealing as many jobs as he can from hard-working Americans. Not to mention the fact that he's manipulated Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen into joining his malicious army fighting battles against the American dream.

Do you think Superman cares about our values? In Superman's "moral code," he refuses to take lives! Last time I checked, our country’s true heroes had very little regard for human lives, and would just kill indiscriminately. Go ahead, read a book about FDR or Lincoln. They killed tons of people*. Rather than adhere to the American way, Superman spends his days flying chaotically through our skies propagating his own illegal brand of vigilante justice.

One lastfun fact about Superman: Hewas created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for the purpose of "raising spirits during the depression and WW2." But guess where ol’ Shyster Joe Shuster came from.. Canada, that’s right, not America. And guess what else? They were both card carrying Nazis*.

* Rampant speculation on my part