Thank you for the gift of comedy. Thank you for all you have given us, the loyal viewers. You have truly done wonders for society. Like that skit where you noticed differences in race… genius. I never knew that we white people were so stuffy and lame. I mean, I heard it before… but there was something about the way you told me, it just clicked. It just clicked. And it’s not just the racial jokes… no, you have devilishly insightful political humor as well. Like when you said the army would be better if it played to the strengths of the separate races that work in it… wait no… I guess that was a racial joke. But what of the other things you taught us, cause that’s what you do good sir, you teach. Like how freedom of speech exists only because of a slave, racism, and the founding fathers… well no, bad example… But you one time you came up with good ideas to get out of work, like hiring an angry pimp to motivate your workers… wow… wait, another terrible example. I mean, surely you have other jokes that have nothing to do with race… But now that I’m thinking about it I guess you don’t. I still think your neat, though. I love that whole Dee Dee Dee thing. How did you come up with it? You should write a movie. I’d see it. Maybe three times. I don’t get why you get such crap. Sure you “borrow” material from your peers, but you do it with a certain flamboyancy that other comics can’t replicate, so I guess its okay. And Joe Rogan, he ruined the Man Show, so really can’t talk, can he? Sure he’s good at yelling at people, and has an entertaining website, but you don’t bother yourself with entertainment… do you?