YO..so the other night my buddy and i were playing beer pong all fucked up and we came up with the greatest game ever. If you like beer pong, flip cup, and to drink alot of beers than this is the game for you.

The Game is called BEER FLIP!

What you need:
Four cups total (beer pong cups)
Ping Pong balls
Beerpong table
Beer (alot of it)

The game is one on one pong.
Each person gets two cups on each side of their table and they are racked in a "I" form.
One beer is poured evenly between the two cups. (one beer for two cups)
The game is set up now.
So its played like beer pong shoot the ball at the cups.
If someone makes a cup you drink.
Now when the last cup is made on either side than both players must drink a beer and its a race and the first one who flips their cup wins the game.
It doesnt matter if you didnt make a cup, whoever flips the cup wins
But no matter what everyone has to finsh whatever beer is left from that game before a new game starts.

This is a great game for a few friends to play a get wasted

I know the directions are sketchy but im a little hungover and stoned so hit me up if your confused.


Peace Love Dope