A typical Friday morning conversation:
"Hey, did you watch 30 Rock last night?"
"No, I haven't really gotten into that show."

Why is it there is never anyone for me to talk to about Tracy Morgan's hilarious line, or Judah Friedlander's ridiculous hat, or Tina Fey's fantastic breasts? I'll tell you why… Grey's Anatomy. The Thursday night sensation that has America by the testes also happens to air opposite one of my favorite shows. The powers that be have forsaken us—the American male age 18-34—and our punishment is chastity. After all, if we do happen to wrestle the remote away from our significant other for a half hour of bliss, the closest we'll come to getting any pulling a visual of Tina Fey from the old spank bank.

If you can't tell, this is not a recap of last night's episode but a call to arms. The emasculation has gone on long enough. We patiently sat through the tyrannical rule of Friends waiting for this moment, but like the hyrda, a new hour-long tamponfest has arisen to take its place. But there, nestled between The Office and Scrubs, lies our salvation: 30 Rock.

"But Matt," you ask, "how can I possible convince my girlfriend to watch 30 Rock?" Like any good salesman, you make it her idea. Or drug the bitch. Either way, get off your ass and do something. Anything! If you don't take action now, you'll soon be spending your Tuesday nights drinking strawberry daiquiris and watching Dancing with the Stars.

Grey's is on a hiatus, and as a series 30 Rock is just hitting its stride. Go lay down the law and take back what is rightfully yours. The future of primetime programming lies squarely on our shoulders. The time to act is now. Or you can just go to //www.nbc.com/30_Rock and watch the full-length episodes on Friday morning like I do.