Guys, we've been friends since high school and I know I've never shown any interest in lizards before, but I bought a used book about them and I really like them now. I know this might seem kind of weird, but I just want to make it clear that I like lizards now.

From now on, I'm going to have posters of different reptile species hanging in my room, and I'll always be at least "sort of" reading a book about lizards. I also joined the local Reptile Club chapter and ordered a T-shirt online that has a lizard on it.

Usually, by the time people reach my age, they have decided on the "major" things they like and dislike, and I pretty much have… except for this. I just wanted to add lizards into the "things I like" category, so from now on, if you see a show about lizards or if you're talking about them, I want to be the first person you reference or bring up. Also, if you have a lizard question, ask me, because I like them a lot now.