1. You’re spending the day at a theme park with three of your closest gal friends, when you decide you want to flash your breasts to the camera at the top of the roller coaster. You get on the __________.

1. Superman coaster— Bring on the thrills, baby!
2. Rickety wooden coaster— I like that classic, timeless backdrop for my areolas…
3. Two-face coaster— I’ve got a hidden wild side!
4. Batman coaster— I dig the dark and mysterious vibe.

2. You’re out partying with three of your closest gal friends one night when you’re asked to show your titties for the newest Girls Gone Wild video.You choose to be in the __________.

1. Girls Gone Wild: Cancun Spring Break Edition
2. Girls Gone Wild: Original Edition
3. Girls Gone Wild: Mardi Gras Edition
4. Girls Gone Wild: Snoop Dogg Doggystyle Edition

3. Uh oh!Time for a table dance! Quick, grab three of your closest gal friends and turn up the jams so you can display your lovely lady lumps to the whole club!The drink you grab to lower your inhibitions is __________.

1. Red Bull and Vodka—It totally makes you hallucinate! I hate my father!
2. Gin and Tonic—A sophisticated move in any situation.
3. J