March 20, 2007. Lawton, Oklahoma
The death of four children in as many weeks has left the small town of Lawton, OK in a state of shock. The latest on Wednesday afternoon has left the community broken. All of these deaths have been deemed accidents by officials who call this string of drowning children a "dark day for Lawton and for the state of Oklahoma."
Investigatorshave stated thatalthough these children drowned in the same river the only connectionthey seem to have is how police came about finding their bodies.Lacey, agolden retriever/collie mix seemed to almost point police to the scene of the crimeonthree of thefouroccasions.
Lacey’s owner James Corbain told reporters, "This must be some kind of horrible coincidence. My dog is no hero. All it does is bark at me and pull on my pant leg. I go see if it needs more food, and it's gosh darn bowl is full, but it won't stop! I'm telling you, I don't know what is wrong with that mutt."
The Lawton police have closed the casesof thefourincidents and ruled out any chanceof foul play.As for Lacey, Mr. Corbain had her put down early on Thursday because of another bout of uncontrollable fits on Wednesday morning.