I have a theory that 90% of Urban Dictionary's entries are fake, often degrading sex acts that people talk about but no one does: The Hot Carl, the Cleveland Steamer, the Dirty Sanchez, the Angry Dragon, the Blumpkin.

Clearly, only the sharpest minds can create such stunning bon mots. But if you feel the need to create your own, follow this pattern:

NATIONALITY + NOUN = Urban Dictionary GOLD.

Give it a try! *

  • Portuguese Milkshake
  • Canadian Dishwasher
  • German Tire-swing
  • Chinese Rocking-Chair
  • Bulgarian Subterfuge
  • Thai Ski Jump.
  • Moroccan Waterfall

* Note: after a while, the nationalities tend to get a little obscure. But don't worry! You've got 202 options, not counting the territories, commonwealths, and whatever the hell the Falkland Islands is.
You know what? Just don't use islands or archipelagos. Get fucked, Falkland Islands. You hear me? Riiiight up your self-governing butt.*

Have fun with your new words! But be warned: The Senegalese Foot Rub is a disgusting, immoral act involving 3 partners, a jar of lemon curd, and an iguana. Don't ever try it.