There is an issue with beer pong that I have been arguing about with my friends, and that is about what formation of cups is the easiest to make in a game of beer pong. Now, this does not include pussy formations such as the power eye and the sideways triangle. I say that the easiest cup in beer pong is the 2 cup straight line, or as I like to call it, the "Landing Strip." It is the easiest cup because it is pretty much straight up, and not too much skill required. All of my friends say that the easiest cup in beer pong is the front cup. However, looking at statistics, I can say that the easiest cup in beer pong is the "Landing Strip." I would say that I can make the "Landing Strip" about 50% of the time, while my first cup is always a dilemma, as I'll hit rim sometimes until the sun rises. Now, this issue can be dealt with while playing against girls in pong, as I've never played with a chich because of the lack of finding one that can hit the table on any given shot. Girls will make the "Landing Strip" a lot more times than they make the starting pyramid. The fact is that it is easier to make a cup once two of them are straight in front of you. When you get that image, I feel that it is u much easier shot. Now, if you don't agree with me, then test out your skills in any other cup, and then see how the "Landing Strip" works out for you. I feel that making this cup is most effective when you don't think about it. Just shoot straight ahead, and you are already on last cup, waiting to beat out the other team.