It was always white……always. For as long as there have been bottles of Poland Spring, the caps were white. I never thought twice about it….Poland Spring bottle caps are white and that was it. Then one day they were clear. I think it happened about a year ago. "Why are they clear now?" "They were white last week." The more I looked at the clear bottle cap, the more I liked it. Come to think of it, why were they ever white? Water is clear, the bottle is clear, why shouldn't the caps be clear as well?

I mean….why was it white to begin with?Looking back, that seems a little milky. A little too milky for water. Don't the caps usually let us know what flavor or color the drink we're about to consume is. Strawberry caps are red, chocolate is brown, etc…..I could never drink Poland Spring with a white cap anymore because ever since "the change", I am forever associating the old cap with milky water. The clear cap is much more invisible. And much clearer.

I'm used to the changes of companies, when Burger King made their transformation from the old logo to the new one, I didn't think much of it, but as the yearsgo on….one day you inevitably drive past a Burger King that never updated. Oh my God….look at that Burger King…it's….orange…and brown.All of a sudden i'm faced with an avalanche of memories of "The Land Before Time"puppet toys, that one Kids Club member in the wheelchair and the time I won Yankee tickets froma contest they had. On a side note,because the game was on the same day as SummerSlam, I was forced into a situation of deciding between going to the game with my dad or watching SummerSlam with my friends. Sorry, dad.