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Name: Bonnie Lynn Ludwick

Age: 21

Year: Junior

School: Rowan University

Hometown: Erial, NJ

Major: Public Relations and Advertising

Favorite Drink: A Slow Comfortable Screw is nice once in a while… but most of the time I just want a Screaming Orgasm.

If I’m trying to do it with you, how should I act? You should act like you don’t want me. Be a total dick to me and I’ll come running. Oh, and dirty pick up lines are good too. The best one I ever heard was, “Excuse me, I’m about to go home and masturbate and I need a name to go with the face.” That guy did it with me a few times.

What should I avoid doing? Complimenting me over and over again. It’s not nice, it’s annoying and if all you can talk about is me, I’m not interested.

Do you have a boyfriend? Nope, I’m recently single. He couldn’t handle me.

Describe your ideal pancake: Big, warm, thick, and covered in sticky stuff.

What’s one thing every guy does that girls hate? Well, I can’t speak for all girls, but I hate when guys give jewelry as a gift. It takes absolutely no thoughtfulness to walk into a store and pick out something shiny and expensive. Instead, think of something you and I can do together or an interesting place we can go to together, it means so much more. Unless you’re no fun, in which case I’d rather you pay my rent for a month.

What’s your most embarrassing college moment? On my 19th birthday, during my freshman year, I did about 10 tequila shots in a half hour. I went to a party that I don’t remember going to, got kicked out, and spent the rest of the night with my face in a trashcan while 2 friends, who I barely knew at the time, took care of me. At one point I had a Hitler mustache and an exposed boobie.

Quick name the capital of Thailand! Are you kidding? I just found out a week ago that Spain is it’s own country.

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