I didn't know if they particularly liked Idaho or if it was a particular play on words stating the person's occupation. However, if it was, what is the possibility that someone else from Virginia decided to have "Idaho" as their license plate, maybe it was a professional tradition and the best "ho" in Virginia got the first Idaho and the ranking went on down the line, if that was the case, I was taking the wrong route pondering why someone thought it would be witty or even possibly quirky to have "Idaho2" as their license plate and I should be waving that person to the side of the road to strike a deal.
I think if vanity plates are to be acquired, they should be funny, possibly even distasteful. I grew up in Virginia and appreciated college football. For college football fans there is no more bigger rivalry than between VT and UVA (and possibly WVU, if they were any good). For me, if I were to purchase a vanity plate, I'd want to have it say "Gina's". How great would that be? I have a UVA sticker in my possession that I want to stick in front of it so people behind me will read, "UVA" then "GINAS". Needless to say, I am a VT fan.