Well, its finals week here at University of 1. I was studying super hard for
2 101 but I just couldn't cram it into my 3. I watched TV for little bit, but all that was on was a marathon of 4. My 5 test on Thursday will be really tough, but I bet I can get the answers from 6. I called my girlfriend to see if she wanted to 7 to take a break from studying, but she said she was 8 with a 9 and it would take her 3 hours to finish it. I went to the dining hall, got some 10 and then a bunch of mayonnaise fell out. No one told me college was going to be this 11. I thought it was going to be all 12 and 13. Maybe I'll join a frat next year. Those guys know how to 14. Anyway, I have to keep 15 for 16 or I'll fail.