Most campuses publish a police log of illegal activities. Most of these events are normal petty theft and underage drinking, but there are a few gems.

The following are five items from campus police logs from colleges across the country. Four of them are real, and one is not. Can you spot the fake!?

1. Middlesex Community College: 8/19 An individual came into Headquarters to report that her son had not been home for several days. Attempts to contact him via cell phone were unsuccessful. Campus police left a message on his cell phone and the individual contacted his parent several hours later.

2. Bowling Green State University: 9/5Resident on Clay Street reported someone had saran wrapped her entire front porch, door and across the sidewalk to the trees.

3. SUNY (Geneseo): 9/10Sometime between 0200 and 0330 hours, a couch in Niagara Hall was damaged.

4. Florida Atlantic University: 9/1University Wildlife Control found an alligator freely roaming around a fraternity backyard pond. Upon questioning, fraternity members "didn't know how it got there."

5. SUNY (Fredonia): 9/2 Student walking down Temple St. with penis exposed.

Answer after the jump!

1. REAL (halfway down)

2. REAL (second to last entry)

3. REAL (towards the top)


5. REAL (all the way down)

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