The bread and butter of CollegeHumor Originals, these comedy videos take satirical aim at everything under the sun. So for instance, not the moon.

Watching Game Of Thrones With People Who Haven't Read The Books
Gluten Free Duck

Gluten Free Duck

The Hottest Lesbian Kiss Ever
This Man is a Fart Martyr
The Gun Control Debate... Told Through Nerf Guns
The Guy Who's Never Seen Game of Thrones
Sock Or Hat Game Show (Featuring Seth MacFarlane)
Matt McGorry's Leaked Magic Mike 2 Audition
The Guy Who Likes Every Sports Team
Genetics: The Secret to a Perfect Body
YouTube Closed Captioning Experiment (All-Nighter 2014)
Snowboarders Infest CollegeHumor (All-Nighter 2014)
Black Widow Is Not A Fake Nerd Girl (All-Nighter 2014)
Ball Busting PSA (All-Nighter 2014)

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