aluminum foil

    "Lee University prank on our roomates"
    "Leave for a weekend in the Keys, come home to this..."
    Showing that you don't have to be in college to foil someone.  This took 5 hours.  Every single CD, binder, folder is individually wrapped.  I love the bobbleheads and figures on the top shelf.
    "Remember this next time you leave for a few days."
    "A guy at work played an eBay prank on me.  After 4 hours of work and 300ft of tinfoil I had my revenge.  Note: the keys of the keyboard are all individually wrapped and those are his sandals on the floor."
    "He's not mad, he's just sad I got his hat too."
    Penn & Teller's Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends...  some guy in Olympia covered his friend's entire house in aluminum foil except for that Penn & Teller book.  they even covered loose change.  (picture 1 of 2)

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