And Now, 13 Pictures of Insects F*cking
Dinosaurs Having Sex
Raccoon Violates Beagle
Baboons Having Sex on Moving Car
Some like it ruff on the roof.
No need to tell Mr. Lemur to smile.
... then he realized it was his mother.
It's not what it looks like--it's actually a futon.
At least one of them kept their clothes on/
"We told our buddy that he was getting a henna tattoo of the state of Texas, and we greased the guy with 10 euros to put this on him instead. The messed up thing is that he knew what was happening halfway through, and he allowed it to continue."
Love birds.
What's he doing?!? It clearly says do not tap!
Cockadoodle DOOOOOOOO!
T(u)sk-T(u)sk Mr. Elephant. Tsk-tsk.
You gotta give it to him, that doggy's got STYLE!

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