A true masterpiece is not just a thing of "beauty" or "talent" or "importance." The greatest piece of artwork is that which can be laughed at by people on the Internet.

    Shaving Statue
    Mona Lisa Has Gotten Scandalous
    Here's 17 (Kind of) Uncanny Pumpkin Portraits
    Banksy Flower Thrower Costume
    These Realistic Cosplay Costumes Are Creepy Good
    The Best Drawing of Emma Watson You Will Ever See
    Creepy Humanesque Yoda
    Ecce Homo Face in Coffee
    Spider Cars
    Krang Painted on Pregnant Woman
    Heart Made of Candy Hearts
    Dinosaur Drawn on Dirty Car Window
    Push Pin Cum Shot
    Genny Light Dragon made from 150+ cans
    Shark Girl Rides Flying Pig

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