Babies are cute, little versions of humans that are constantly being filmed by their parents. What more could the Internet ask for? (Except, maybe, babies playing with baby animals.)

Box Labeled "Live Clean Baby"
A "Formal" Baby Picture
Baby Rocks Out
Baby's First Workout
Stupid Baby Loses at Tennis
Tom Cruise in Baby Turtle Eating a Raspberry
Tom Cruise in Baby Tortoise Eating a Tomato
Tim Allen in Baby Gecko Eating Banana Mush
Baby Chimpanzees Love Yogurt
Drunk Baby Talks to Cop
Guy Has a Baby in His Pocket
Baby Looks Like It's Telling Drunk Story
Rock Climbing Wall Has Creepy Baby Doll Head Grips
Baby Makes Chimpanzee Best Friend at the Zoo
Creepy Baby Bursting out of Vagina Cake
Literal Baby on board

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