Without bathrooms we'd have no bathroom stalls. No stalls, no phone numbers. No phone numbers, no relationships. And now where would you go to cry without a toilet to cry on?

    Taken in china this summer...
    "Only at GVSU can you play Duck Hunt on the shitter"
    Insert your own "yellow snow" joke.
    "My first question is, where am i supposed to hang my purse? My second question is, what is the purpose of the hooks if they wont hold purses? But the most important question ... why was this posted in a MENS bathroom?"
    Found this sign in a bathroom...
    "Saw it and knew where it had to go..."
    (Abusive) women only.
    Ever fall asleep taking a leak?
    "This is what happens when the huge guy on the left decides it would be a good idea to run into the dorm room wall at full speed.  The hole connects directly to the girls bathroom next door."
    "In a Train Station in Japan. I love engrish."

    Nothing found...

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