Without bathrooms we'd have no bathroom stalls. No stalls, no phone numbers. No phone numbers, no relationships. And now where would you go to cry without a toilet to cry on?

    Guy in Bath with Gun, Scrub Brush, and Binoculars
    Close Bathroom Door or Do a Helicopter
    Cat Demands Bathroom Privacy
    Rest Area Just Hay Bales and Toilet
    Chicken .Shif
    Urinal Trash Bag is Dangerously Full of Urine
    Toilet Labeled Baptismal Font
    Deer Head in a Toilet
    Tape for Toilet Paper
    Toilet: One Place, One Dream
    Toilet Seat Covers Become Protecto the Toilet Ninja
    Bathroom Catastrophe
    Octopus in a Toilet
    Bathroom Graffiti Warns of Limbo Dancers
    Terminator Bathroom Graffiti

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