Without bathrooms we'd have no bathroom stalls. No stalls, no phone numbers. No phone numbers, no relationships. And now where would you go to cry without a toilet to cry on?

    Kid Explains What He Does in the Morning and the Evening
    The Definition of Desperation
    Official Rules For Pooping In Your Workplace Bathroom
    Eat While You Poop
    Carl From Aqua Teen Hunger Force is Now Your Toilet
    Bathroom Stall is Dedicated to Lady For Some Reason
    Perfect Bathroom Sticker Prank to Make People Look Like Idiots
    Perfect Public Bathroom Break
    9 Scented Candles I'd Actually Buy (That They'll Never Make)
    Unnerving Bathroom Floor Design
    Children's Book Gets Real Creepy About Going to the Bathroom
    Don't Use The Bathrooms in Australia Because Snakes
    Hope Depot Slogan Still Applies to Restrooms
    Perfect Scary Fake Hand Shower Prank

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