Some people take the death of their parents hard. Others just spend their inheritance on really cool weapons and crusade around Gotham in Batmobiles. The Caped Crusader has always had a place in the heart nerds and normals alike. Being one of the few superheroes without a super power, the Dark Knight has made it possible for extremely rich people to take advantage of poor, mentally unstable villains cry for help.

    Darth Vader and Batman Face Off on the Subway
    Avengers T-Shirt Includes Batman, Na'vi, and Spider-Man
    Batman Only Witness
    Batman Weatherman
    Herbie, Batmobile, and Time-Traveling Delorean Together
    LEGO Batman Runs a Race
    Every Superhero Origin Story Ever
    Elect Bruce Wayne Campaign Sign
    Batman Parade
    Aerial View Of Bruce Wayne's Mansion
    The Internet Justice League
    Batman Watches Cops Do Their Job
    Batman Chooses His Voice
    Two Face

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