Annoying Bar People: the Birthday Girl
Birthday Clown Freak-Out
You are what you eat, right?
Phil is such a jerk
Hold my baby while I pour liquor on my boobs? Thanks.
Grandma Dildo Surprise
Competitive Evite
Diet birthday cake.
Mmmmm the cake tastes like garbage. It's perfect!
"It was the kid's birthday. He got pretty wasted and went into the late night dining hall and drank a half a bottle of olive oil. Then, he poured the rest on himself. Then, he took random people's drinks and poured them on his head. He ended up falling an
World's Worst Mother.
Alright, who wants to eat part of the homoboobz?
"Shit never tasted so good!"
"21 inches for her 21st birthday"

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