Dartmouth College's Winter Carnival presents an 18 foot wide, 35 foot tall pirate ship made of ice. The masts are 56 and 52 feet tall, respectively. It has a built in 8-foot ice slide that is open the public on the weekend. Also, there's a really hot merm
    I guess his wife made him get this?
    I'm guessing the owner named it after his ex-wife?
    I think people should really stop tempting fate..
    "Redneck horse trading"
    "Sr. Prank...We put a 24 foot boat in a trench at school."
    The wrong way to tow a boat...
    "Couple was preoccupied with other things..."
    Just how did you get that 42 foot boat in a tree?
    Temporary Insanity? Hmmm...

    Nothing found...

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