Making everyday people uncomfortable really is a full-time job. Luckily for humanity, there are loads of freaks, weirdos and insane people walking the streets of every city, at every hour of the day and night. Keep on creepin' on.

    World's Biggest High School Football Fan
    Creepy Guy Changes Masks and Wigs
    Finland Is Weird
    Normal Girl Lip Syncs Both Parts of "A Whole New World"
    Creepy Laughing Twin Babies
    Creepy Toddlers and Tiaras Girl Slowed Down
    Dial-Up Modem Noises Slowed Down
    Creepy Realistic Charlie Sheen Mask
    Creepy Back to the Future 3 Kid
    How to Make Iced Tea the Creepy Way
    Creepy Old Guy Checks Out Sunbather
    Creepy-Aggressive Neighbor Notes
    Creepy Little Hamface Girl
    Bob Watches His Wife Shower
    Creepy Guy Left Out of Make Out Party

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