Not everyone can dance, but that doesn't stop people from trying boogey. As long as there is music, there will be people out on the dance floor getting down with their bad selves and trying to bring out the inner ballerina, b-boy, or krumper that strut, sways, and swings inside them.

    How to disco. Coming tommorow - how to build a time machine so this information might be of any use. The day after that - how to build a translation machine so you can understand this video. After that, you're going to be a disco stud.
    Steve Ballmer Freaks Out
    OK Go's amazing choreographed music video.
    Doesn't anyone have a mom who can dance?
    Grandpa XTC.
    OK Go's choreographed music video.
    Too much pop, not enough lock if you ask me.
    Everyone loves the drunk guy!
    That's right chubby, keep believing in yourself.
    Jam Cam Super Fan
    The Napoleon Dyna-bot 9000.

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