Explosions, collisions, eruptions, and destruction make any boring day eventful. The only feeling better than building something is watching it burn to the ground.

    The roof is!
    "Some guy robbed the liquor store in second level of the strip mall.  A police standoff followed, then he locked himself in and set it on fire (he showed those cops).  The store burned down but the sign survived." Mmmmm... toasty!
    "I'm at Denny's with some friends and one of them comes back from the bathroom saying something about the towel dispenser landing in the stall while he was in there. He said, while he was on the toilet, some biker looking guy got mad because there were no
    No prison can hold the Kool Aid Man.
    Attic tag seemed like a great idea.
    "Umass riots even when we lose.  Thats true team spirit."
    There's more than one way to tap a keg.
    Evidently there's a reason for this warning.
    OHH YEAH!!
    "We threw a party at our apartment, and one of the kids decided to sleep/pass out in his car. At some point during the night he had a dream that he was sleeping in his car and had to pee really badly, so he kicked out his window and crawled out. It's a 20

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