From the smallest puppy to the biggest pooch on the block, canines are the top dogs of all animals, and anyone who disagrees is barking up the wrong tree.

    Cats and Dogs Don't Need This Face Switch
    My Boo Caught Me Sleeping (Dog Edition)
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    14 Nonsensical Photos To Get You Over Hump Day
    Mean Girls Dog
    Dog May Actually Be Samuel L. Jackson
    Corgi Rolls Down Stairs And Into Our Hearts (GIF)
    Infinite Puppy Loop
    Kid Has Basset Hound Shaved Into Hair
    Puppy Rolls Itself Into An Adorable Burrito (GIF)
    Two Pugs in an Inflatable Car Lost Somewhere at Sea
    Porndogs is an Actual, Real Movie
    Dog Pope Has Believers
    Dog Student Studied Too Much
    This Dog Has an Oddly Human Face

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