You don't have to be friends with, know, or even like, Mark Zuckerberg to have a Facebook profile. You used to need a college email address to sign up, but now it appears the only requirements are a willingness to send creepy messages, poke, or share political opinions via status updates and comments.

"My limited edition Blu-Ray of Precious"
My password is bornyesterday.
Clearly she was memorable.
Nah, they're for the ghonorrea
I dunno man, condoms are like 10 bucks now
Fuckin' A you might want to rephrase that.
It's the beginning of a meme as we know it
Well, that escalated quickly.
Cole's just joking. He meant decipher, not read.
I guess that explains Mike's mom's triple bypass.
I feel bad for their future children.

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