Silicon Valley has advised us all to fail fast and frequently. Here at CollegeHumor we've always emphasized failing FUNNY. People of Walmart, rejoice. Your time is nigh.

    13 Awkward Penguins Who Keep Tripping Over Their Own Feet
    Krispy Kreme Donuts Are So Good You'll Do What?!
    Tuba Player Casually Trips Little Kid
    Well, That's Not How You're Supposed to Eat
    20 People Who Did NOT Photoshop Their Pictures!
    You Call That A F***ing Hand Turkey??
    Oh Walmart, Your Blow Up Santa's Eye Is Flopping Around Like an Unruly Boob
    Girl Plays Table Tennis on Wii Next to Real Thing
    Guy Thinks Crack Costs Too Much
    OH SNAP! These 24 People Done F***ed Up
    Don't Tie Rocks to Your Bumper Because This
    Orlando Franklin's Game Face Looks Like a Deer Caught in Headlights
    The Worst Comb Over in the History of Comb Overs
    Poor Font Choice for the Word "Aunt"
    13 Super Gifs of Supermodels Falling Down

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