There's nothing that'll brighten your day than the shame and humiliation of others. There are any numbers of ways to fail epically, just make sure that when you do, someone is there to capture your embarrassment.

    Gymnast Knocks Over Sawhorse, Causes Gymnast Pile-Up
    Woman Bets $11,000 on "What" in Jeopardy
    "Ana" Written on Window Looks like "Anal"
    Woman Fails to Get Out of Shot
    Drag Queen Eyelashes Catch Strong Wind
    Don't Fale Me : )
    "Hair? Oh, this is gonna take a while."
    10 Ways To Tell If You're A Terrible Parent
    Dog Runs into Tree
    Trampoline Dunk Fail
    Squirrel Jumps Right into Wall
    Facepalm: Laundry
    Guy Ice Skates Into Boat
    Football Player Misses End Zone While Celebrating
    Flowchart: Are You Actually Going to Study for Finals?

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