A little chubby or wildly obese, one thing is always true: fat is funny. Thanks for the laughs, fast food industry.

    The unluckiest horse at the track.
    Ignorance is bliss sometimes.
    "How starcross lovers meet"
    I admire a man who knows what he wants.
    "Trust me. She was huge."
    The Feline Freshman 15.
    "Slump buster of the year!"
    My roommate was a little freaked out at first when I had to have this titanium bunk bed flown in from Switzerland, but at least now my girlfriend can weigh anywhere up to 1650 pounds and we're still set.
    The new Dove ads scream Internet parody.
    "Fat guy in a little boat."
    "Only in America"
    "Its a bird... its a plane... it's... both?"

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