One half of the fat twins on mopeds.
I hate Mondays!
Like you're some prize.
I'm With Classy --->
"We start by taping the kid until he couldn't move (it took about four rolls). Then, we put him in the elevator where someone was waiting for him on the first floor. He was moved to the girl's dorm and left in their elevator with a "NO FAT CHICKS" sign ta
"My buddy Charlie decided to invite some fat girls back to our hotel room. As soon as they showed up one passed out on the floor between the wall and the bed and the other on the bed face down, ass in the air. They wouldn't wake up so we took one's dignit
QollegeHumor Quickie
Maybe she's going to move through it, like the T-1000.
Fat Kid on a Moped
Fat Kid on a Ride

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